Special Acheivement Awards

The MILTON E. KETTLER AWARD is presented annually by the Maryland-National Capital Building Industry Association in recognition of a lifetime of unselfish participation, contributions and services to the building and housing industry and the community at large.  


2013 Milton E. Kettler Award 
Congratulations to Martin J. Mitchell

Marty Mitchell, Past President and Life Director, was selected to receive the 2013 Milton E. Kettler Award, presented in recognition of his more than two decades of service to the MNCBIA.  Some may ask if that is possible for such a young man, but we know he is already a Life Director of NAHB as he attended National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) meetings and MNCBIA meetings for as long as he can remember.  The International Builders Show has always been part of his life as well.

Marty was awarded the Kettler Award in recognition of his twenty years of achievement, unselfish participation and contributions not only to the building industry but to the community at large. Marty is the Vice CEO and Vice President, Land & Business Development of Mitchell and Best Homebuilders LLC and has been directly involved in the design and development of communities for more than 20 years.

Marty served for over 10 years on the MNCBIA Board of Directors and held a position on the Executive Committee for two years prior to his presidency, serving as Vice President for Prince George’s County for 2009 and 2010.  Elected to the MNCBIA Presidency in 2011, Marty had already served on and chaired many other committees and had served as Chair of the MNCBIA/NVBIA committee and the Washington Metropolitan Council of Builders.

Marty has been a member of the NAHB Board since 2005 and participates on various NAHB Committees including serving as chair of the Single Family Housing Finance Subcommittee from 2009-2011, the NAHB Budget Committee and the NAHB Nominations Committee in 2011 and as  NAHB's Environmental Issues Committee Chairman in 2003. He also served on NAHB's Smart Growth and EPA Stormwater Management committees and was an active member on former Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan's Forest Preservation Taskforce as well as the Governor's Green Building Task Force.

Marty has grown up getting his hands dirty with the Home Builders Care Foundation, started by his father, Bob Mitchell as the Tom Sawyer Foundation.  During his term as MNCBIA President, Marty worked to increase support and activity for HBCF despite the recession.  He is also active in his local Rotary Club and served as President, working countless hours to better the community in which he was raised. Marty is a graduate of the University of Maryland where he also received his MBA.

Marty is married to Jeanette and they live with their two sons in Rockville. The oldest son, Joey, is looking at colleges and universities around the country and the youngest, Billy, will always be famous for giving the invocation at his Dad’s Installation Dinner in 2011. Marty followed his father, Bob and his sister, Kristy to the Presidency of MNCBIA.  Bob served in 1980-81-82 and Kristy served in 2006.

The award presentation was made by 2011 Kettler Award recipient, Bob Harris, on December 7 at the Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, MD.  

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The JOSEPH C. RODGERS SR. AWARD is presented annually by the Maryland-National Capital Building Industry Association in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Association by a non-builder member of the Association.

2013 Joseph C. Rodgers Award
Congratulations to Dusty Rood

Dusty Rood Vice President and Senior Principal of Rodgers Consulting was selected as the 2013 recipient of MNCBIA’s Joseph C. Rodgers Sr. “Associate Member of the Year” Award. The award is presented annually in recognition of extraordinary and outstanding services by an Associate member to the Association.

In his job at Rodgers, Dusty’s technical and scientific knowledge of environmental systems, combined with his thorough and practical understanding of land use dynamics gives him the firepower to overcome potential environmental issues related to wetlands, stormwater management, TMDLs and forest conservation.

In his role as Chair of MNCBIA’s Environmental Committee—a position he has held for nine years—Dusty doesn’t back down from any environmental issue rearing its ugly head against our industry.  When it comes to representing the Maryland State Builders Association, his technical expertise is invaluable. The past year, Dusty dedicated countless hours giving testimony, writing documentation and giving presentations on Maryland State’s Accounting for Growth Policy on offsets, not to mention creating a calculator that would allow builders and developers to determine the extra costs with each proposal for offsetting nitrogen and phosphorous. His analysis and assessment of the impacts of the offsets policy was vital to the industry’s successful negotiations.

As with all environmental issues raised in Maryland, Dusty gives his time and talents at the expense of his firm and his family, which is not easy to do being the father of a new baby girl.

Dusty is a graduate of Thomas Johnson High School in Frederick, MD and of the Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT. He currently lives in Urbana, MD with his Kristina and their daughter Hailey.

Dusty’s dedication and service are exemplary and a shining example of what the Joseph C. Rodgers Sr. Memorial Award was established to recognize.

The award presentation was made by 2012 Rodgers Award recipient, Hugh Carroll, on December 7 at BIA’s Winter Ball held at the Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, MD.


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